Catering Jobs in Canada :

You might know Canada has the longest coastline, Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, maple syrup, and ice hockey. But did you realize it’s the world’s second-largest country with a low crime rate? It’s often ranked among the nicest and most peaceful places to live


Another big reason for expats is that English is the main language (with French spoken mostly in Quebec province). Expats often visit Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Oakville, and St. Albert in Canada.

When you add in the friendliness of its people, Canada becomes even more attractive.

Catering Positions in Canada Offering Visa Sponsorship – March 2024

You’ll apply for jobs in the same way you would in the United Kingdom, with an initial application, either through an online form or a resume.

If successful, it often leads to an interview. Canadian companies typically require a resume instead of the typical CV and cover letter used in the UK, as mentioned earlier. A resume is meant to be shorter and more specific to each job application. Here’s a list of catering jobs available in Canada with visa sponsorship

1. Catering Delivery Driver


Ensure timely and complete delivery of orders to customer satisfaction

  • Efficiently load vehicles for maximum productivity
  • Set up buffet tables at delivery locations according to specifications
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully with customers and dispatch
  • Return food, beverages, and serving equipment to catering facility
  • Adhere to cleanliness and safety regulations when handling food and equipment
  • Assist dispatch department with cleaning, organizing, and preparation for the next day
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of corporate vehicle
  • Conduct pre and post-trip inspections of vehicles
  • Ensure emergency kits in vehicles are stocked
  • Maintain adequate fuel levels in vehicles
  • Perform additional duties as assigned


Possession of a current driving license and a clean driving record are prerequisites

  • Ability to solve problems and manage time effectively is required
  • Capacity to follow both verbal and written directions is necessary
  • Competence in communicating effectively is essential
  • Capability to physically carry out the responsibilities of the position is required

2. SFU Catering Server


  • Gather all products and resources required for the day’s event
  • Prepare beverages and set up equipment
  • Deliver, maintain, and clear services
  • Accurately receive food orders, checking amounts and quality
  • Ensure accurate consumption volumes with suitable record keeping
  • Restock supplies for the following shift
  • Report any problems or modifications to your supervisor
  • Comply with all corporate, WorkSafe BC, and Vancouver Coastal Health FOODSAFE policies

3. Catering and Retail Operations Manager


  • Manage catering, retail, and dining hall operations
  • Perform administrative activities such as booking, arranging, and following up on catering events
  • Reconcile bills and invoices, and prepare month-end reports
  • Create marketing and social media tools to educate kids about nutrition and eating options
  • Ensure effective communication and execution of specifications for each catering event
  • Collaborate on menu planning with customers and Executive Chef to identify revenue-generating opportunities
  • Assist with production, hiring, employee training, staff scheduling, and supervision
  • Address and resolve employee relations issues
  • Direct department activities and maintain high service standards
  • Ensure compliance with industry, corporate, and statutory requirements
  • Develop a team and offer performance improvement programs


  • A degree in hospitality or food service is advantageous.
  • Completion of Advanced Food Safety Training (AFST) is mandatory.
  • Strong leadership skills are necessary, including the ability to inspire, manage, and develop employees.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for building client relationships and effective communication.
  • At least three years of relevant experience in the food service industry, with a minimum of three years in a supervisory role.
  • Ability to manage food and labor expenses effectively.
  • Attention to detail and a collaborative team player.
  • Proficiency in written and verbal communication.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook) and related software.
  • Experience with social media platforms and knowledge of current food trends is preferred.

Canada Visas 

Many people visiting Canada need either a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). To figure out which one you need, visit the Government of Canada website and answer a few questions to see if you’re eligible.

Anyone entering Canada must possess the appropriate travel documentation and be able to demonstrate that they are:

A law-abiding individual who possesses the financial means to sustain their travel and is in good physical health.

To work in Canada, you typically need either an open or employer-specific permission. You can find out which one suits you best on the Government of Canada website under “Work Permits” and “Work permit classifications.” If you plan to stay in Canada for an extended period, consider applying for permanent residency. Keep in mind that residency rules and regulations may change, so it’s important to stay updated by contacting Immigration and Citizenship for the latest information.

Benefits of Catering Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Catering jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship can offer several advantages, including:

Streamlined Immigration:

The biggest advantage? Visa sponsorship! The employer handles the complex paperwork for your work visa, saving you time and stress. No more struggling with confusing forms or application anxieties.

Gaining Canadian Experience:

Catering jobs provide valuable hands-on experience in the Canadian work environment. This experience is highly desirable by employers and paves the way for future job opportunities in Canada.

Fast-Paced and Thriving:

Catering workplaces are known for their energetic and fast-paced nature. This can be a fantastic way to develop essential skills like adaptability and teamwork. You’ll learn to react quickly and collaborate effectively under pressure.

Career Growth Potential:

Depending on the company and your role, there could be exciting avenues for advancement. You might progress into catering management, event planning, or even pursue culinary school to further refine your skills.

Beyond the Basics:

Competitive Wages: Catering jobs can offer good wages, especially as you gain experience and expertise. Some employers might even provide attractive benefits packages, including health insurance or meal discounts.

Multicultural Exposure:

The catering industry thrives on diversity. You’ll likely work with people from various backgrounds, fostering a rich and interesting work environment. This exposure to different cultures can be personally and professionally enriching.

Important Considerations Before You Start:

Job Demands and Requirements:

Catering jobs can be diverse. Be prepared for physically demanding tasks like lifting, carrying, and setting up equipment. Long hours, especially evenings and weekends, are also common due to the event schedule.

Researching Visa Requirements:

Visa sponsorship doesn’t guarantee automatic approval. Carefully research the specific work visa the employer is offering and ensure you meet all the qualifications. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification from the employer or immigration authorities.

Making an Informed Decision:

Overall, catering jobs with visa sponsorship in Canada present a compelling opportunity to immigrate, gain valuable work experience, and potentially build a fulfilling career in the exciting world of events. However, carefully consider the job demands and visa requirements before taking the leap.

Ready to Explore Further?


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By thoroughly researching and understanding both the benefits and considerations, you can make an informed decision about whether catering jobs with visa sponsorship in Canada are the right fit for your immigration and career goals.