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What Is Social Media About?

 The social media can be defined as an online media house where socialization is made possible.

 It is an online community of persons where businesses and people communication and socialize with one another.

When Was Social Media First Invented?

 The invention of social media can be traced back to the 1970s when the PLATO system was developed in the University of Illinois. 

 Over the years, a lot of social medias have been created with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit and their likes, topping the list.

 One successful strategy that these social media companies have taken is to create a social media app for their brands.

 But how do you get to create a social media app?

 It’s worth knowing that creating a social media app is worth doing, and the cost attached must be considered.

 This business technology requires enough resources to keep it running. The benefits of creating a social media app for your social media company is very important.

 Remember, your social media can be a forum, social bookmarking site and even a blog site etc.

 To keep your Users socializing with your products, you should create a social media app for them.

Create your social media app with this guide.

How To Create A Social Media App

  •  Firstly, we suggest that you subscribe to an online social media app creators. For example, Appypie, Moosocial etc, can help make the work easier.

  •  Make your choice of features which you’d want to appear on your social media app.

  •  Customize the layout and design the looking of the app.

  • Include features like signups, login, group chats, messages, feeds etc.

  •  Make sure that your social media app design is in line with your business requirements.

  •  Have a preview of your app, edit where necessary. 

  •  Then, publish your social media app on app stores and share the news with your visitors, followers, friends and families.

  •  Let people have easy access to download and begin to connect through your app.

 Creating a social media app can be easily done using app creators but requires maintenance. Therefore, to get a successful running social media app, plan enough to pay for it.

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