This are the most popular social media platforms in the world.


 Welcome to as we share with you our Top 6 Most Popular Social Media Platforms In the world..

 Social Media Platforms are resource centers for socialization and communication of informations.
 In today’s world, we have a lot of social media platforms and even more to come. The basic differences are their usefulness.

 How useful a social media platform is will determined it’s engagement rate with users.

 The growth of a social media platform is majored by development factors.

Let’s Look At The Most Popular Social Media Platforms

 Even though we have many social media platforms, a good number of them have turned the internet to another living world for the living.
 In today’s article, we will list out Top 6 Most Popular Social Media Platforms which has benefitted many people including their founders.

Top 6 Most Popular Social Media Platforms In 2021

 Below are the top 6 most popular social media platforms in the world.
 Regardless of arrangement factors, these platforms have contributed a lot generally to the society with notable increase in their user database and activities.

YouTube is a Google video browser and social media platform founded and first launched on the 24th of February, 2001 by Steve Chen and his cofounders.
 As a search engine, YouTube has the position of the second most visited site after Google.
 As a social media platform, YouTube runs with over 2 billion monthly visitors which is a huge boost to the social media platform.
 The site is open to both registered users and guest who are looking for videos to watch.
 Content creators share videos in their increasing numbers to reach more users as the platform increases.

Facebook is a popular American online social media and social networking platform, owned by the Meta platforms.
 Facebook was founded in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his co-founders precisely in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
 Over the years, Facebook has grown with consistently increasing users to billions per month.
 Although it’s not the first created social media platform, it has taken over the online world with a uneasily beatable users on a monthly basis.

Instagram is another social media platform owned by Meta platforms.
 Instagram was founded as a social networking and video sharing platforms founded by two persons, Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriegar.
 Instagram was launched on the 6th of October 2010 but in April 2012, it was purchased by Facebook company (now called Meta).
 Over the years, the platform has grown in users and connected many people including business persons to share their photos and videos.
 Instagram also has billions of monthly users which has afforded it a listing on our platform.


 WhatsApp is an instant messaging and voice-over-IP service which was released in the month of February, 2009.
 WhatsApp is owned my Meta platforms.
 As a social media platform, WhatsApp offers its users an end-to-end encrypted messaging space to share their videos, voice recordings, text messages, pictures and other files or documents.
 WhatsApp has developed with an increased number on users to top our list of the top most popular social media platform.


 If you love sharing and watching videos clips, you should know of tiktok! is a Chinese based video sharing social media platform owned by ByteDance.
 It was initially released in the month of September, 2016 and has grown to the top list of most popular social media platforms in the world.
 If you are a video creator or lover who is just hearing about tiktok, we encourage you to check out the platform and you will love it.


 The last on our list of Most popular social media platforms in the world is Twitter. is a popular social media platform where users tweet texts, photos, videos and GIFs with one another.
 It was invented in the year 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evans Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass.
  Although Twitter was created in March 2006, it was launched in the month of July in the same year.
 Now it has grown to 100s of millions of monthly users and fortunately, Twitter is the last mentioned Most popular social media platforms in the world on this list.
Others are Pinterest, LinkedIn, WeChat, Snapchat, Twitch and others.
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