This is how to create an Audiomack account for free.

 Welcome to as we present to you, a guide on How To Create An Audiomack Account For Free. 

  Audiomack is a popular music distribution platform which gives free unlimited space for content Creators to publish and distribute their contents (songs, albums and podcasts etc) for free!

 Audiomack also gives music lovers the freedom to access and listen to their favourite artists and creatives at no cost.

Do You Need An Audiomack Account?

 Although you can listen to songs on Audiomack without having an account with them, there are many reasons you need to have an account with them.
 Ranging from inside features like reacting, re-up, playlisting as well as uploading, there are many benefits to creating an Audiomack account. 
 Interestingly, Audiomack offers free monetization for Creators who are registered with them!
 But you won’t be any way close to all these benefits without having created an Audiomack account.

How Do You Create An Audiomack Account? 

 Creating an account on Audiomack is very simple, but we know this guide will make the process easier.
 Before going further to create an account, make sure you have these items ready as you will need them.
  • Chosen name
  • Email address
  • Password

How To Create An Audiomack Account 

 To create an Audiomack, go to or get started here. You will be presented with a page like the one below.
Next, insert the following accordingly;

  • Your screen name

 This is the name you would want to display on your Audiomack account. It can be your name, artist name or nickname.

  • Add Email Address

 An active email address which you have access to, is required. The reason why this is important is because you may be asked to verify the email.

  • Add password

 Make sure to add a unique and easy to remember password. You will need it to access your account, so keep it saved and secured.

  • Confirm password

 Here, you are required to repeat the password you added for confirmation. 
 What you have to do is add the exact password you already added in the previous section.

  • Read terms and conditions.

 This is pretty much very optional but creating an Audiomack account means you automatically agree with their terms and conditions.

 Therefore, it is recommendable to read their terms and conditions.

  • Solve catcha if given.

 Before signing up, you may be required to solve captcha.
 Normally, you would have to identify one or two items correctly to prove you are not a robot.

  • Sign up

 After solving the captcha, click on the sign up button to create an Audiomack account. 

 That’s it! Sit and see your account being created, then follow up!

 Alternatively, you can sign up using Twitter, Facebook or your Google account.

Now, let’s move forward to how to upload your songs on Audiomack.

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