You might have been wondering how to get a US work visa for free, but you may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to pay for one. There are several ways to qualify for a free visa, including intracompany transfers. These transfers are made between affiliates, subsidiaries, and parent companies. In these cases, the employer must petition for the visa. Certain employers can also file a blanket petition for multiple transferring workers at once. This will expedite the visa application process. This is also a good option if you are not staying with the petitioning company.

EB-4 visas

EB-4 work visas are available for certain professions, and there is a limit to the number of applications each year. This may cause long processing times. Visas are processed chronologically, so the first one to be processed at the end of the year will be processed next year. Since many people apply for this type of visa, the priority date and the date the application was submitted determine how quickly your application will be processed.


To begin the application process, foreign employees must complete the Form DS-261 online. If you need to use a different computer, you can search for your case number to get more information. Fill out all required sections and submit the form. Then, you must undergo medical exams at a licensed doctor and take the required vaccinations. Make sure you get the medical records signed by the doctor and include them with your other supporting documents. The NVC might ask for other documents as well.

There are some conditions attached to the EB-4 visa. The applicant must meet the requirements of US immigration laws and pay taxes. Once you get the visa, you can travel within the US and to other countries. In addition, EB-4 visas are flexible in nature, which allows applicants to switch jobs and move to any state in the US. They may also want to apply for a green card, so a green card is an option for them.

EB-5 visas

An EB-5 visa allows investors to invest their money in a new commercial enterprise or regional center in the US. The investor must invest $500,000 in the new project and provide statements or affidavits from a bank. They must also demonstrate that the investment they make will create 10 jobs for U.S. citizens over a period of two years. There are several requirements for the EB-5 visa process, but the most important is that the investment must be substantial.


An EB-5 visa is a good option for wealthy internationals. Unlike the labor visa, it gives you the opportunity to work in the US without an employer. But the investment must be substantial. For example, a $500,000 investment must create at least ten American jobs. Generally, investors are encouraged to invest in state-approved regional centers, but these programs are currently inactive.

After you’ve invested in an EB-5 business in the US, you can choose to live and work in the US. You don’t need to live near the investment enterprise in order to receive the EB-5 visa. However, if you’re investing directly in the company, you might need to live near it. However, you’ll need to prove that you’re an active investor in the business.