If you’re planning on staying in the US for the long term, consider applying for jobs in high-paying industries. In particular, the United States offers high-paying jobs for engineers, educators, medical professionals, managers, and art directors. However, you shouldn’t limit your search to these industries. Other high-paying occupations in the country include those in the education field and the media industry.


Anesthesiologists have a high demand in the US and are therefore among the highest paying jobs for foreigners. While the job itself is highly skilled, there are certain skills that are needed to be a successful anesthesiologist. In order to qualify for an anesthesiologist job in the USA, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree. In most cases, an undergraduate student will choose a major in biology, natural sciences, or a closely related field. Performing exceptionally well in undergraduate school is essential to succeed in medical school. According to the American Medical Association, students who have a GPA of 3.5 or higher are most likely to be accepted.


English teachers

If you are a native English speaker but are not a native English speaker, you can still find high-paying jobs in the USA as an ESL teacher. There are many different ESL teaching jobs, but most offer a good salary. You can expect to earn anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 per month. This is a good amount for a new teacher, and you can even save some money.


A career as a mechanic is one of the highest-paying jobs in the USA for foreigners. This type of work usually requires an associate’s degree and certificate. The salary of a mechanic depends on the location and state. Sales managers are also in high demand and are responsible for keeping inventory moving and determining the most effective selling methods. These managers oversee all the sellers at a dealership, helping to resolve customer concerns and improve sales.

Mechanics and service technicians

Mechanics and service technicians are highly sought-after professions. Until COVID-19, there were a lot of openings in this field, but the shortage was temporary. However, the industry has recently begun to recover and the demand for mechanics is expected to rise again. So, whether you’re an American citizen or a foreigner, these professions can be considered good investments for your future.


On-campus teaching assistant

On-campus teaching assistants oversee classroom activities and work closely with struggling students. Higher-level assistants may even lead classes and mark students’ work. Librarians also need assistants to keep shelves organized and help customers find the materials they need. In addition to this, assistants help the librarian organize events at the library during term time. If you are a student in a specific subject, you should contact professors early to discuss possible opportunities.


A plumber can work in a wide variety of settings and earn over $100k a year. Their jobs range from designing new building plumbing systems to managing city water systems to developing new plumbing technologies. In short, plumbing is necessary wherever there is water and people. Although plumbers have a dirty job and often don’t get paid well, the right individual with good marketing skills can make a good living.