Read five data recovery softwares for Android users


 Over the years, a lot of people have been looking for ways to recover deleted data but to no avail.

 But the invention of Data recovery softwares has help of a lot of people who are aware of these softwares, to be able to get back the data they may have deleted, mistakenly.

 Then, these that recovery softwares were mostly available for iOS devices, but now, it has reach the Android devices as well.


Today, we are looking at 5 Data recovery softwares for Android.

5 Data Recovery Softwares For Android



 The first data recovery software for Android on the list is the PhoneRescue software.
 If you are looking for a data recovery software for Android which can help in recovering lost data directly without any rooting, PhoneRescue is the software for you.
 With it, you can get your lost data including WhatsApp, photos, videos and other files restore at a reasonable time speed.


 If you lost your data including call history, videos, photos, passwords and other Important documents, ApeakSoft is the software for you.
 Although ApeakSoft is an paid data recovery softwares for Android phones and tablets, the services rendered by this software is super and what subscribing.
 All you need is to connect your system with another one (either the damaged one) through a USD cord and start the review and recovery.


 iMyfone is another data recovery software which works for restoring lost or deleted data on both Android phones and tablets.
  Its functions for the retrieval of lost data irrespective of whether it’s rooted to the device or not.
 You can get back lost data from faulty or damaged Android devices, a mistaken deletion of data or any lost through the use of iMyfone software.


 Another data recovery softwares for Android on our list is called EaseUs.
 EaseUs is a simplified data recovery software with an inbuilt capacity to help you recover your data with efficiency.
 Some the data which you can recover through this software are videos, photos, contacts, messaged as well as other files and documents.
 The software also implements a safe way to securely retrieve lost data in it original form without an overwritten form.


 Another data recovery softwares for Android, and the last on this list is FonePaw.
 FonePaw is a data recovery softwares for Android which give users the ability to restore and access already deleted or lost informations on their phones.
 With FonePaw, you can extract data from other phones at fault while experiencing a data privacy protection service from the software.
  FonePaw software supports over six thousand Android phones including versions 2.3 to version 9.
 The software also supports files in multiple formats including HTML, Word, Excel, Zip, PDF and much more.
 If you lost your data by mistake or intentionally, FonePaw software can help you in the recovery and restoration process.
Thanks for reading.