How Custom Patches Can Help In Your Promotion?

We’re well aware that marketers are getting creative in their promotional campaigns to attract customers. They provide giveaways and other promotional items to get people’s attention. So if you are still new to your business and you want to market and promote your product, you can use custom patches to help you in your promotion.

Here are some ways where patches can be of great use in promoting your business.
Noticeable and Easy to Remember

PatchePatches are colorful and artistic. Nonetheless, a customized patch can create a brand statement that carries across your target market. And since they are attractive, they are easy to attract attention. Often times, they are considered to be a symbol of cooperation, trading or association. They are used in special events to create awareness in people that led them to know more about the business or the organization that uses them.

Because of their unique and colorful design, customized patches are easily remembered by people. This is the reason why big companies especially those in the garment industry use patches for their logos.

These Add-ons are Easily Identifiable

Usually, custom embroidered patches are designed to identify a student in a school or college. They are usually attached by a Velcro or sewn in the arm or breast of the uniform. Now, you can see custom patches attached to bags, hats, pants – shorts and long ones – and other apparels.

Patches symbolize a group or organization and provide a sense of gratification to the wearer. Groups from the Military, Sports Teams and Bikers used customized patches in their uniforms to be identified.

When used in promotion, patches carry the name of a brand so other people can be aware of the business’ existence. Patches can market a brand so well that people can easily remember the business every time they saw these patches.

They Come in Unlimited Designs and Colors

You can create unlimited designs for your customized patches. They can come in varied colors and shapes. You can also make a patch with different features such as patches that are attachable by Velcro, hooks or loop tape backing, iron on. Use a design that is relevant to your product so people can easily relate to them.

There are also seal patches, magnetic patches with adhesive backings. Furthermore, custom patches can also have unique features which include the use of glow in the dark or metallic threading, reflective twill, and Swarovski crystals.

Custom patch makers can create patches in almost any size and colors. You can also order for irregular shapes aside from the usual triangular, square or circle ones.

They are Cheaper

Marketing tools are expensive and so small business entrepreneurs are finding ways to lessen their cost. One effective tool they were able to utilize in their promotional campaign is the use of customs patches.

In the midst of high competition in a market that requires the aid of effective promotional tool in establishing your company’s brand amidst customers, customized patches can be effective. They are affordable and easy to give away.

Other than the fact that these custom patches are popular especially among the young ones, they can be easily purchased over the internet. Several online stores, such as ours, carry embroidered patches that are personalized. These come in both wholesale and discounted rates. You can also order directly from retailers and manufacturers online.
They are Trendy and Fashionable

Customs patches are trendy and fashionable which makes them acceptable to all kinds of people regardless of nationality, gender, and ages. Even national flags are used as designs for customized patches in commemorating national or international events. Representatives from their respective countries wear custom badges in their clothes so other delegates can identify where they came from.

As years go by, instead of the fashion wearing off, the custom patch trend continues to remain and will probably take more years (or even a few decades) before it will totally wear off its popularity.

If you intend to promote your business or a new product, consider giving away custom patches. They are not only useful in your promotion but the message that it bears will be forever retained in the memory of those who wore and saw them – we’re confident that you’ll never regret making such an investment.


Fun And Practical Uses Of Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are definitely a go-to accessory for people under a tight budget. After all, these items are affordable and easy to wear. Keep in mind though, that these are not mere fashion accessories. These bracelets have a variety of uses that are either fun or practical, or both.

Silicone WristbandsSilicone bracelets originated as a punk-rock anti fashion item in the late 1970s. They became popular when famous celebrities began wearing them. Eventually, these bracelets became an awareness tool for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Not long after that, businessmen saw the potential of these products and so even now, rubber bracelets are being sold by different companies online and offline.

Here are some of the many uses of rubber or silicone bands:
1. To promote

You may use the bracelets to promote in different ways. To promote your products if you’re a business, simply buy a bulk amount of customized silicone bracelets with your company or product name. You may then give them for free to people who buy your product. These bracelets are also an excellent choice as freebies at product or brand launches because of their affordability.

You can also use silicone bands to promote a cause. LAF’s Live strong yellow bands are created to promote cancer awareness and to raise funds for cancer research. Pink bands are for breast cancer awareness. If you are diabetic and want to raise awareness, you can use red silicone bands.

Some politicians also use silicon bands during their political campaigns. Their supporters then wear the same bands.

2. To express

What is your motto or the words you live by? Share them to the world using rubber bracelets. You may choose three words to be engraved on the bracelet of your chosen color. You may also choose traits that best describe you like dreamer, awesome, best daughter, or fitness lover. If you are a minimalist, you can let the design and colors of your band speak for you.

Here are some types of silicone bands that you can pick from:

•Debossed wristbands – these are the most popular bands. Debossed means the letterings are sunken from the surface of the band. You can request the manufacturer to coat the debossed letters with any color that you prefer.

•Embossed wristbands – this is basically the opposite of the first type. Here, the letterings are to be engraved in order to create lifted words. You also have the same option of choosing any color for your customized words.

•Segmented wristbands – these types allow you to have a rubber bracelet with two or more colors even without any embossed or debossed letterings.

•Micro wristbands – these bands are half the size of regular wristbands, which is ½ inch. They’re the best choice if you want to sport more than one band at a time.

•One-inch customized wristbands – these are perfect for engraved or debossed logos and texts that you would want to emphasize

3.To empower

A motivational speaker, Kevin Carroll had given away thousands of silicone bands to young people who came to listen to his talks. The bands are imprinted with the word “Dream”. Carroll’s objective is to empower the young people to dream and pursue their dreams. He started the idea that a simple band can empower and push people to be better.

Do you have someone in mind who you want to motivate? It is one thoughtful act to give that person a customized wristband.

4. As event giveaways

You want to make your event memorable but you can no longer spend much? Rubber bracelets could be the solution to your dilemma. You may order customized bracelets that would perfectly portray the event. Give them to your guests as you say your good-byes. Silicone bands can be the most unique and practical party giveaways.

The same concept is used by concert organizers. Customized wristbands are sold as concert merchandise.

5. As customized gifts

Friendship bracelets can be made from any material, like rubber. Have it customized with your name and your best friend’s name. You can also do the same for your significant other. If your mom likes accessorizing, why not give her a band with “Best Mom Ever” engraved on it?

These bracelets are economical yet they can be really special because of the customization.

Aside from the types of wristbands stated on number 2, there are specialized wristbands available that will cater to your special needs. One example is a glow in the dark band; manufacturers use reflective bands to create a glowing effect for your wristband. They are useful in camping or any night adventures.

Your options for rubber bracelets are never-ending. That’s because of how popular they are; manufacturers are continuously thinking of new designs that can make their company stand out above their many competitors. You can be attracted to these new designs but you should not forget to check the quality of the wristband itself so that you may use it in any way you please.

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What You Don’t Know About Custom Lanyards

custom lanyardsYou have probably seen custom lanyards in offices, schools, sporting events, and conventions. If you think that lanyards are just plain ID holders, you must have not heard of their many other benefits. Why do you think hospitals order these customized cords?

Below are some of the benefits of using personalized lanyards:
1.  Easy identification.

Special events and conferences are synonymous with limited access. Usually, there is no free entry and the guests are typically invited by organizers. Using custom lanyards will greatly help in identifying participants from those who are not. This will also keep participants from regularly undergoing security checks during the event.

2.  Promotional or marketing campaign.

Imagine employees walking around with custom lanyards bearing the name and logo of the company. Customizing your lanyard is one way to promote the company in a cost-efficient way.

This is also a great way for events to be promoted around the area. It is hard for people not to notice the details imprinted on the participants’ lanyards as they walk around during lunch break. Knowing that lanyards are great campaign materials, it is essential to think about the design. It will determine the success of your subtle marketing campaign.

3.  Security.

Companies need to make sure that only authorized personnel are allowed inside office premises. Lanyards are necessary to ensure that IDs and swipe keys are always worn by all employees. This will also reduce the chances of keys and ID cards being lost.

Lanyards provide easy access to IDs. Sometimes, you only need to lift your card and flash it past the security door to enter the building. There is no need for constant rummaging for IDs in pockets or bags.

4.  Safety at work.

Lanyards are necessary in any medical organizations such as hospitals and clinics. Doctors and other hospital personnel often need pens to update charts and sign documents. You can customize lanyards to specifically just hold pens. These lanyards often come with quick release clips for convenience.

Psychiatric facilities need lanyards that are strangulation-free. This is to ensure that the employee can easily break free should there be instances of patients grabbing the lanyards. For factory workers dealing with machineries, it is easier for them to let go of the lanyard should it get caught in the machinery.

5.  Organizing convenience.

Have you been to theme parks such as Universal Studios and Disney World? Even world-class attractions utilize custom lanyards for their guests. These help tour guides easily organize participants and identify the particular group they belong to.

Even in team-building activities and sport events, lanyards are frequently used to easily spot teams or groups. The team can use their color and design their specific logo to build a spirit of solidarity.

6.  Keepsake.

Organizers of events need to ensure that their activity will always be remembered by participants. This can be done by customizing lanyards such that it displays company or organization details, as well as the names of event sponsors. Event organizers can easily get their promotion reach a much wider audience.

If your organization is going to have a convention booth, there is no more efficient way to promote products than to give away free custom lanyards as souvenirs.

Even in private events such as reunions and parties attended by families and close friends, there is nothing more fun than getting impressively-designed customized cords. You can print all kinds of details (such as the guest’s name, year of the event, as well as its location) on the lanyard you made or ordered. They will definitely love the idea and hold on to this piece as a memento.

As you can see from these fascinating perks and uses, these laces aren’t mere ID holders – they’re the most versatile accessories on the planet.


Different Uses of Badge Lanyards: From Before Up To Know

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to carry all the important things which you use most of the time, badge lanyards are the best materials to use. If you are going to use your identification card, keys, proximity badges, gate passes, and your mobile phone and you need a quick and easy access to them, you can wear these important items around your neck or on your wrist so that you can get them whenever you need them. Using a badge lanyard will also prevent these important things from getting lost or misplaced.

The Uses of Badge Lanyards

Before the use of badge lanyards became popular, lanyards were used before to tie down different items so that they will not get lost. The uses of lanyards were dated way back in the early 15th century where they were called “Lanière,” which means to hold down an item using a strap. The old lanyards were used to hold a handheld pistol, a whistle, or a sword. These lanyards are also made semi-permanent in color and are usually added to a soldier’s uniform. Once a lanyard is added to a soldier’s uniform, it cannot be removed easily. A lot of members of the navy and cavalry used lanyards to avoid losing any item that they have whenever they are riding a horse or when they are at sea.

A lanyard is also used to know what unit a member of the military comes from. These lanyards are commonly placed at the left shoulder of a soldier, with a whistle or a handheld pistol attached to it.

neck lanyardsEven nowadays, these lanyards are used the same way. Since gadgets are becoming smaller and smaller in size, they can easily get lost or misplaced most of the time. Attaching a gadget to a lanyard can assure the owner that the gadget will not get lost and will be within their reach if they need it. Most of the newly made and issued gadgets like smart phones, digital cameras, and music players have a special opening on the side where you can attach a lanyard easily.

Other than gadgets, badge lanyards are also used at different establishments and schools so that the wearer can be easily identified. They are mostly worn around the neck with an ID, proximity badge, name card or card key attached to it.

For special and certain events such as bazaars, exhibits, seminars, and concerts, these lanyards are used by certain individuals who are involved in the event so that they can be easily identified by their colleagues, the visitors, and the participants. Security personnel also wear these lanyards so that any person who will be needing any assistance can find them easily. VIPs also need to wear these lanyards so that they can be given priority during the entire event.

For different businesses and corporation, it is a must for an employee to wear his badge lanyard holding his identification card at all times. This identification card also has a special card key or proximity badge so that it can be used at designated areas around the office. A lot of companies are using a color-coding system for all their employees to avoid confusion when it comes to identifying their different departments. These lanyards are also used to quickly identify whether the person is a regular employee or a probationary. Often times, these lanyards have the company’s name and logo printed on it.

Badge lanyards started as being a simple item holder to an important part of a person’s uniform. For a person or an organization to say that the lanyard is their own, customization is recommended especially if they want to add something important to the lanyard.